Fuel Costs

After spending $50 filling up my Honda Civic this weekend (which still gets an impressive 33 mpg), I did the mental math on my commute and monthly fuel costs, not factoring in periodic oil changes. I came out to $1500-1600 per year. Ironically enough, I found this Fuel Cost Comparison on the Tesla blog, with roughly the same fuel costs I’d also calculated. Therefore, I’d immediately start saving $1350 a year on gas. The base model is $50k, including the $7500 federal tax credit, which has a range of 160 miles. A 300-mile range battery increases the cost by $20k and may not be worth getting off the bat. Probably best to save those long road trips for the good old Toyota Sienna.

On the other hand, all owners need to pay for charging infrastructure in their homes. For the most common convenience, you’d want to have the $2k installation for the fastest charge. There is a 30% federal tax credit available.

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